Our General Counsel
Legal Support On Call, On Site, On Demand

OurGeneralCounsel offers a wide range of innovative legal support services to our many clients, providing them with flexible legal resource when and how they want and all at an affordable cost. Whether you need us to provide one off advice, a lawyer at your offices, temporary cover or for us to be or support your legal team, we have a range of legal solutions for your business.
Our General and Legal Counsels have spent years providing in-house legal support to companies  all over the world. Their breath of legal knowledge means that they are able to provide your business with the expert legal advice it needs.  You don't need traditional legal advice, you need ourgeneralcounsel.co.uk innovative legal services.

Our Legal Support Solutions

On site
On Site: Legal Support
Our legal consultants work in your office, either full time or for a set number of days, so we really get to know your staff and business.
On Call
On Call: Legal Support
We provide your business with remote legal support from one or more of our legal consultants for a fixed number of hours per month.
On Demand
On Demand: Legal Support
Our General Counsel provides legal support at short notice to cover those unexpected short term needs
On Board
On Board: Legal Support
One of our legal consultants attends your board meetings and provides legal advice and legal solutions directly to your board.
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